Sales Training for The Construction World

Renting & Selling Construction Equipment? Servicing the Trillion Dollar Construction Industry?

Are you looking to take your sales team to the next level? Do you want to get premium sales training that is focused on the Construction world and Industry specific? What would happen if you invested in all your sales reps producing 5-15% more revenue every month?

The Sales world is always changing and Selling in the Construction Industry is an ever evolving game. Selling in the Construction World is not like selling cars or Realestate. Selling in the 2.4 Trillion Dollar Construction Industry requires to performing, relationship focused, service driven sales teams. With over 20years extensive national experience and a nationally number one sales producer I have a formula for training and developing top producing sales professionals. If you Rent Equipment, Sell Equipment, Sell Tools and Materials or Services to the Construction World - I am the sales trainer for you.
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Areas of Training

Sales and Negotiating

The world of sales is all about negotiating and building relationships. . With the consistent changing needs, new competitors and changing market conditions sales skills and relationships are vital to your company’s success.

Marketing & Branding

The Construction Market often feels over crowded with numerous companies competing for the same business. Standing out and creating memorable sales calls and branding material can prevent your reps from being just another calendar on a stack in the General Contractors trailer. I strive to create personalized branding ideas to keep your reps memorable when it comes time for the customer to buy.

Stages of a Job Site

Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie knowing the stages of a job site and anticipating what opportunities will be next is a critical skill for helping the customer run an effective job. Amazing customer service is all about anticipating the needs before they ariseneed to minimize their legal liability and risk.
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“The Best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn the more you’ll earn.”
– Warren Buffett

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